What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Mike Saylor

You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth; you have made summer and winter. - Psalm 74:17

 It’s been a busy summer, as summers always are, but it seems like this year has been busier than most.   

My summer actually started in May, during the last week of the VMC’s after-school homework help, when my wife, Laura, and I flew to South Korea to visit our daughter and son-in-law.  That was a pretty incredible experience and we were blessed to be able to do something so out of the ordinary.

When we got back, we jumped right into summer ball.  Quite literally, in fact.  On the day we drove back from the airport, we got home, changed clothes, and then headed down to our daughter’s softball game in Rockford.  It was fun over the course of the season to be at Edgewood Park and see a number of kids who were part of last year’s after-school program.

July was just as busy, but it did include some quality family time at the lake.  We definitely aren’t “lake people” but it was nice to pretend we were, if only for a few days.  We had access to both a speedboat and a pontoon.  My preference?  Yeah, I’m a pontoon guy.  I suppose it’s an age thing.  

As for August, well when your kids are in band and in fall sports, practices occur nearly every day.  Really, we might as well be in school.  (My kids don’t necessarily agree with that.)

The hustle and bustle of summer days means that I haven’t spent much time blogging or writing about the Village Ministry Center--which has been an okay thing for me.  It was nice to have a break and do some other things.  But it hasn’t meant that I haven’t been thinking about where we are with the VMC and what God has done in providing us with a little ministry center in the village of Convoy.

In case you don’t know, the actual, physical work of preparing our building began in early 2013.  The behind the scenes work:  prayer, visioning, discussion, gathering of volunteers, etc all began long before that.  By the time the VMC opened in September 2013 nearly a full year of work had been put in by well over 50 different volunteers and donors.  

By any measure, last year’s after-school programming was a success.  Some days we’d have over 20 kids in the VMC (I think 25 was our max) and we would average around 8-10 a day.  Thanks to some really dedicated volunteers (including retired and active teachers and a number of high school students) the program ran smoothly and was well received by everyone.   The feedback from students, parents and teachers was all positive.  Really positive, in fact.  

We are very thankful to God for what we’ve been able to do with kids after school and we are very excited to offer after-school homework help again this year.  The VMC will be open after school starting Monday, September 8th!

Hope to see you around the VMC sometime this fall!  Make sure to check out our website for regular updates on special classes and Bible studies for adults!

One final thought.  As the Bible verse at the top of this post reminds us, God is in charge of everything.  He “fixes the boundaries of the earth” and everything within.  In a world that has seen more than it’s share of sadness and struggle this summer (from events in the Ukraine to ISIS to Ebola) it’s a blessing to know He is there...for you and me.