In Everything by Keith Langdon

                                 In Everything


Yes, Lord, we thank You for bountiful table

surrounded by family and friends.

Yes, Lord, we thank You for clear, starlit nights,

for the sun, and the warmth that it sends.

Yes, Lord, we thank You for comfort of home,

and safety by night and by day.

Yes, Lord, we thank You for health and for strength,

for the freedom to worship and pray.

But Lord, let us thank You not only for blessings -

that’s not what You asked us to do.

For even in times of our pain and our need

You have asked us to lift praise to You.

Yes, Lord, we thank You for skies filled with rain,

and for those who would cause us despair.

Yes, Lord, we thank You for sickness and strife,

for even in these - You are there.

And though it is hard for our lips to give thanks

as You asked us to do – in all things,

Lord, help us to thank You and love You and praise You

as Savior, Provider, and King.

                                                                                                K. Langdon



            It’s easy to be thankful when the road is smooth and the needs of life are met regularly.  It’s easy to be grateful to the Great Provider when it appears He is providing.  But true worship is not based solely on a response to the meeting of our needs.  True worship is a personal and unconditional relationship with the Creator of the Universe, who, although the Great Provider, may not choose to provide us with the life that fits the blueprint we have drawn for ourselves.  That relationship requires a trust that supersedes the circumstances, and believes that because He is good, because He is sovereign, because He is God, all the pieces of the life that we have been given will ultimately fit together in His plan.  And He is worthy of our praise.