Flying Under the Radar

“Flying under the radar.” “Keeping a low profile.” “Not drawing attention to ourselves.” However you want to describe it, that’s pretty much how the Village Ministry Center has been operating these past few years. To be precise, we’ve not used our Twitter account in over 2 years. We’ve not added content to our website in about the same length of time. And we haven’t posted a new blog (until this one!) for over THREE YEARS! (You must be thinking that Kim had a REALLY “Ruff Summer” back in 2015!)

I’m pretty sure we have a Facebook page, but since I personally have never had a Facebook account, I can’t know for sure.

I am also sure of this: If you only knew of the VMC by our web presence, you probably assumed that we are no longer active, that we were yet another volunteer effort that was a good idea at the time, but couldn’t be sustained. Well, for those of you who aren’t able to stop by the Village Ministry Center, I’m here to tell you that we are doing amazingly well!

We are in year six of being “the presence of Christ in the center of Convoy,” and we are busier than ever. Our building is used by various groups and families in Convoy for meetings, gatherings and parties. From a monthly knitting group to the local brownie troop, our space serves as a blessing to many. The heart and soul of what we do is our after school homework help. We have about a dozen adult volunteers who assist kids with homework Mondays-Thursdays from 3 - 4:30pm.

Think about that for a moment….We are in YEAR SIX of providing Convoy kids help with their homework. And a few of our kids have been with us ever since we first opened our doors in August 2013! It’s amazing, really. And very humbling to be able to serve our community this way.

We haven’t made a big deal out of it. We don’t need a lot of money to make homework happen. We don’t have to raise funds or promote ourselves or do anything except show up and serve.

We like it that way, to be honest. We are doing what we can to be a blessing to an amazing group of kids. And the Lord has blessed us in our efforts. We have the support of the local churches in Convoy (and if I could give a shout-out to the ladies of Convoy United Methodist Church for their always amazing support!) and the parents of many of our kids also tell us how appreciative they are for what we do. Truly, it’s been awesome.

I’ve been thinking for quite awhile about posting some new information on the website. Well, finally, here it is. And while I might be the only person, at this point, who ever reads it, just writing this blog post and being reminded of how God is at work at the VMC and in the lives of His people, has been worth it. I AM BLESSED to be a part of the Village Ministry Center. And I’m thankful for everyone (adults and children) who is a part of it!

Sure, we might be flying under the radar, but we are flying!