Duck Dynasty Quacks Me Up by Mike Saylor

I am a late-comer to the Duck Dynasty band-wagon.   My kids watch it and would talk about it a lot, but I had never seen the show until this past Christmas break when “Santa” got the kids the first three seasons of Duck Dynasty on DVD.  And hey Jack, it didn’t take me long to catch up and see what all the fuss is about.

I had wanted not to like the show, and for a couple of reasons.  First, I don’t watch television shows in general. TV is for sports, in my opinion.  Second, I definitely don’t watch reality shows.  Call me a snob, but reality shows scream to me: “America is coming to ruin!”  Thus I sat down to a Duck Dynasty marathon with my kids ready to be grieved at the sad state of American culture.

What is it they say about preconceived notions?  Holy cow, I love that show!  As many have said, it is nice to see a show that treats faith with respect; and to see a family gather together for prayer before dinner is a very good thing.  But what makes this show different, in fact what makes this show great (in my opinion) is the group of guys who work in the duck call room:  Jase, Si, Jep, Martin and Godwin.

I am somewhat of an expert on the Three Stooges.  I’ve read books about their history, watched every comedy “short” they made and own many of their shows on DVD.  I even suffered through the recently made movie.  The Three Stooges at their best (this would include Moe, Larry, Curly and then Shemp who replaced Curly after his stroke in 1946) were incredibly funny:  smart dialog with a great ability to combine social commentary with flat-out hilarious slap-stick comedy. 

I see many of the same elements with the boys in the duck call room.  Jase is a modern-day Moe.  He’s the leader who ultimately is just as clueless and as willing to get into trouble as the rest of them.  And Si Robertson is Curly Howard.  His innocent, boyish nature combined with the parallel universe in which Si’s mind seems to exist is the best and funniest thing I’ve seen on television in a long time.  And when you combine Jase and Si with the quirky personalities of Jeb, Martin and Godwin (who is my favorite) you quickly discover that this stuff is funny—epically funny. 

For everything that’s been said and noted about Phil Robertson and his beliefs, what really makes Duck Dynasty work is that the boys in the duck call room make you laugh.  The show gives us clean humor and brings to us a joy that respects family and honors faith.  And this type of laughter is a gift of God and a very good thing.

Psalm 126:2  Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, "The LORD has done great things for them."