Messy Life by Kim Clayton


This is a picture of my kitchen table. I'm just keeping it real for you, folks. Fortunately, it doesn't always look like this. We clear it off when we eat.

This picture is a good visual metaphor that sums up my life and the lessons I'm still learning.

First of all, I will own up to two-thirds of this mess. Aren't we all at least partly responsible for the messes we find ourselves in?

Next, I see my notebook, some mail, and paperwork. Through the day I take notes, I make piles, I remake piles. I organize to try to feel control. I'm not in control. God is. Remind me to pay the electric bill, by the way.

I spy Darrel's computer and my computer. We all bring our work home with us sometimes. We should make time for each other, and our family.

The cell phone and charger. Communication is the key in any relationship. Listening is more important that talking. When I'm low on energy or when I don't feel connected, I lack the ability to communicate properly. Plug into the relationships!

There's a basket with one napkin in it. I need to add that to the shopping list.

A measuring tape. "how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ." Ephesians 3:18. When I fall short, I remember how great is His love.

Car keys. We are continually on the move. "Lord, bless our coming and going."

The Indiana Auto & RV magazines. We don't need another car, but my hubby likes to dream. Window shopping is fun, but don't become restless over what you don't have. Be content.

My son's glasses. Why are they not on his face? The world is full of blurry lines; we could use a little clarity. See John 14:6

And of course, who could miss the aquarium? Just so you know, this photo was taken during fair week. The fish were won at the fair. They were placed on the table. In my spot. As if there was not enough table-chaos going on. In the midst of living life, there often appears something big and distracting. It demands attention. It will stink if we don't take care of it. The best way to handle it is prayer. Give it to God first.

Also, this picture of clutter is a reminder to me that this house is full of life and energy and love. The people who matter the most to me are here now, and not forever. I will appreciate even a messy table for that beautiful reminder.**