New Year Givers by Mike Saylor

I’ve been reading lately about end of the year pleas that churches, charities and non-profit organizations make to the public. Apparently, people are more willing to give around Christmas-time than at other times of the year. Of course the cynic in me wonders if this increase in charity and goodwill is the result of renewed holiday spirit or, more likely, the desire for a last-minute tax deduction.

At any rate, for many organizations end of year giving is what makes (or breaks) their budgets. I’m happy to say that this is not the case for the Village Ministry Center. We’ve been so very, very blessed by the support we’ve received from so many during the past year. Since our beginning back in January 2013, we’ve been able to renovate a building, establish a board of directors with necessary articles of incorporation, and develop needed, Convoy-specific, programming and services (include our very popular homework assistance program), all on a very small budget. All thanks to you.

The fact is, many from our community have donated much more than simply money. (Although, you’ve done that, too!) You’ve given us of your time, of your effort and, especially, of your many prayers.

It’s been an incredible year for those us of connected with the Village Ministry Center, and for that we are full of joy! And as this incredible year comes to a close, on behalf of everyone connected with the VMC, I’d like to say, “THANK YOU!” Thanks for being a blessing to our community and to the families of Convoy. You have made a world of difference. We truly thank God for you all.

Great things happen when God’s people work together. And we at the VMC believe we’re just getting started. We can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for all of us in Convoy.

So while we aren’t necessarily looking for end of year donors, we are looking for New Year givers. We are seeking people who want to enter 2014 ready to serve in a new way. The VMC is looking for folks who are up for a new challenge. We can always use people who care, people who are ready to volunteer, people who are ready to be challenged by God’s Spirit to grow in faith in Jesus and in service to others.

Could that be you? Would you like to join with so many who have stepped out in faith in order serve with the VMC? We’d love to have you on board! Contact us. Send us an email. Stop by our building. Come and see what God can do with you in 2014!